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First job interview in about 15 years!

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peachpud Thu 25-Aug-11 08:44:01

I am a newbie here but have often used at "talk" to get help with varous ideas and issues but have not posted so please bear with me. I have been at home with my three daughters aged 5, 9 and 11 but have worked for myself helping with my husband's business and also having a market stall for a while. I recently applied for a job in our local paper as a part time photographer working for Tempest (who do all the school photos) as it seemed ideal. Only term time, keeping my own diary, company car etc etc. almost too good to be true and to my amazement I've been shortlisted for interview. Attached to the letter was a note saying there would be a week long training course in St Ives starting first week of term if I was a successful applicant. My eldest daughter will be starting high school and it has left all my maternal instincts screaming noooo! sad My hubby will be here and maybe I'm being pathetic but it's filled me with doubt. I am also terrified as it will be working for a big firm and will be a completely different way of life. I don't know really what I'm asking but just needed some feedback. Also wondered if anyone knew of anyone who had maybe worked for or is working for Tempest and how it is for them.
Thanks in advance.

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