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is anyone out there who works in publishing (esp academic publishing) willing to discuss their job with me?

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stickylittlefingers Wed 24-Aug-11 15:43:50

Hi - my initial question is: what to understand by the "routines" of an editorial office? Any info (on this and more generally) would be gratefully received!


Sinkingfeeling Wed 24-Aug-11 23:43:58

Can you be more specific, sticky? I used to work in academic publishing and could probably help, but not entirely sure what you're asking. Is this a phrase from a job advert?

stickylittlefingers Thu 25-Aug-11 16:58:12

yes, from the advert (sorry I've only got back to you now). I take it they would mean: getting in the contributors works, sending them off to readers, getting back their reports, sending them back to the contributors and liaising re any changes, getting them back, proofed, camera ready, off to printers? Would that sound reasonable? It is apparently desirable that candidates know these routines, so I sort of think I do, but not quite sure - so thought I'd ask!

Thanks ever so much for replying!

ghosteditor Thu 25-Aug-11 16:59:54

I'm also in academic publishing. PM me if you like - it probably depends on the specific company.

stickylittlefingers Thu 25-Aug-11 17:13:05

I've done that, thanks very much ghosteditor!

GiraffesHaveMoreFun Thu 25-Aug-11 17:48:00

I do. Pm me with any questions. grin

stickylittlefingers Thu 25-Aug-11 17:58:53

have done - thank you!

Sinkingfeeling Thu 25-Aug-11 23:38:49

Sorry - on holiday, so long delay in replying. Sounds like you're sorted now, Sticky, but PM me if you need any more help. I work in a different area of publishing now, but worked in academic publishing for 12 years or so.

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