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Feeling deskilled after 3 years (mostly) at home

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philbee Tue 23-Aug-11 18:58:08

Hi all. Just after a bit of advice really. DH's job is a bit shaky and we've agreed that if he is made redundant we'll both look for full time work. At the moment I work one day a week in an entry level job in my career, which I had gone well beyond when I was working full time.

I was happy with the idea that I might have to look for work again but am suddenly feeling massively panicked at it. I've been looking at job ads and thinking there's no way I could convince anyone (including myself) that I'd be able to do jobs at the level I was at before. I want to retrain, so I also feel pretty blah about having to apply for the kind of thing I was doing before.

Has anyone else felt like this? I am happy being at home with DD, and hopeful about a new career, but feel totally deskilled and useless in my old career. I've been going through the cupboard chucking out old training notes and suddenly thought maybe I should hang on to them after all. Any advice?

ret204 Tue 23-Aug-11 19:15:35

I think we all do that. Its hard once you start to think about what you used to do. I was a freelance TV producer and there is no way I could go back and still be with my kids. So I started doing something I never thought I would ever do.
But I work for myself the money is great and I'm having fun.

Maybe just look out side the box to start.
hope you fine what your looking for

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