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Misspixietrix Wed 17-Aug-11 15:26:44

Hi apologies in advance if this topic has been done to death already somewhere. Just after general tips, I'm trying to get back into work to top up our income, I seem to get to the interview stages a lot of the time (Which I'm more than grateful of in the current job climate!) but i somehow don't seem to clinch the deal with them if you see what I mean? I mostly get the 'no experience' or 'it was very close between you & x' feedback. Any tips would be appreciated thankyou! x

HangingGarden Wed 17-Aug-11 17:21:08

Your CV clearly makes you look like a good candidate for the jobs you apply for or you'd not be getting the interviews. All I can suggest is that you make sure that you have a number of examples you can quote where your previous experience would be beneficial in your new role. (Transferable skills etc can be just as good as 'experience' in a given role.)
If it is very close between you and another candidate though it may just be unfortunate that their skills/experience beat you on the day.
Don't know if that helps, but good luck!

LaCiccolina Fri 19-Aug-11 19:34:17

Do you practice questions before hand? Eg Explain an example when you did X to get Y? These types of question are quite fashionable now. It could be phrasing thats doing you in rather than knowledge....

Or perhaps you are waffling a little? Keep answers short and coherent.

Do you smile enough and use eye contact? Could just be "fit" which sometimes is rather luck led... (don't freak them out though!)

Good luck - plainly you're pretty on the ball so doubt its much to tip you into the role

ggirl Fri 19-Aug-11 19:39:27

I have just got a new job and am usually shit at interviews.

This time I prepared like a loon for the interview.

Researched the post , the team I would be working with. It was in nursing so practiced all the relevant questions to do with the particular area.
I spent hrs and felt I really knew my stuff , had never prepared somuch before.
Worked and I got the job , with no experience in the field. I was very enthusiastic about the job in interview and had the right answers when they asked the ubiquitous question of 'what can you bring to this role?'

So preparation is the makes you more confident in the interview.

Good luck.

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