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Quit previous job, how to find job that pays well

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Jenn1982 Wed 17-Aug-11 11:23:38

I quit my job after my maternity leave, and am going to be looking for a job in a few months. My dd is 14 months right now. I'm planning on starting to look for walk when she's 18months.
My problem is finding a job that pays enough to cover childcare costs. I have no qualifications really, but experience managing in retail and also in hospitality.
Does anyone have any idea where I should start?

Grevling Wed 17-Aug-11 11:29:36

How much do you need to cover childcare + make it worthwhile?

Jenn1982 Wed 17-Aug-11 11:39:51

My previous job was £10 ph. I don't think now we have the wee one I can drop too much below this. I am good at managing though, so worth the money I think. And I'm also good with customers, so maybe something customer based, although I very much doubt I'll be able to find anything in that area without management for the money I want. I have good references also.
I have no family that will be able to help monday to friday as they are all working also. So for every hour I work, plus travel time, I will need to pay for childcare at a cost of at least £5 ph, most likely more. I'm not keen on working weekends too much, although it depends.

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