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Going back to work and very anxious about leaving DD

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sarahloula Fri 12-Aug-11 19:26:40

I'm due back at work, full time, in 3 weeks. I love my job and I'm looking forward to it but starting to get very anxious about leaving DD. She will be 5 months when I go back and primarily looked after by DH who mainly works from home. My mum is coming over 2 days a week to look after her but over the past few weeks DD has started getting very upset when held by anyone other than me or DH, including my mum when before that she was fine. The other day she cried and wouldn't let my mum feed her. I'm so worried that I'll get home, DD will have cried all day and not fed or slept. Starting to think I shouldn't be going back full time. Please help!

An0therName Fri 12-Aug-11 21:31:31

can you do a trial morning say when you go out - maybe buy something for work - she will prob be fine when you are not around!

LaCiccolina Fri 19-Aug-11 19:42:45

She's starting to be aware of everyone and where you are. It will be fine. She will become very quickly associated to whats normal for her so long as the pattern is repeated a lot. It won't send her to a therapy couch when she's older. She might not forgive you for not buying her a pony (seriously I take that out still on my dad ha ha) but this she will not remember much. It will be her normal. Hard but this path is yours alone, books and stuff won't help you Im afraid. Easy for me to say eh? Im trying to take that advice myself, bitter pill though.... just repeat it often and watch her smile and kick her legs when you return. She will still love you, your her mummy. Noone can replace you.

Good luck. Hope it all works out for you. Best wishes. x

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