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Setting up own business..Too many new beginnings..starting to feel frazzled!

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cupcake78 Wed 10-Aug-11 13:22:47

After 3 years of full time study, I am in half an hour beginning my first paid work. This has been such a long time coming and I have worked my socks off to get here but there has been so many new things to contend with that its becoming very stressful!

I have started my own business, new websites, advertising, arranging space to work from, interviews and bidding for work contracts etc etc...

Last night I had huge cold feet and wanted to pull out with a major crisis of confidence..could I really do this! I am having to work from home and am an immensley private person so I am seriously struggling with opening my front door to strangers.

The whole process is wearing me down, its stressing me out and for the first time in years yesterday saw the return of the dreaded Panic Attacks...

I am so scared its going to fold and getting very tired of doing it all on my own....In three weeks time I start working my first contracted hours..eeeek.

Has anyone else been through this because I am feeling very lonely and isolated in it all.

razzlew6 Wed 10-Aug-11 13:30:09

I am at a much earlier stage than you in setting up a new business. But I keep flying between being really excited and really terrified. Sounds like you have done so much of the hard graft already and now you're in good shape to get your teeth into it. I think the best advice I've had from books is to think of it as a series of little steps, rather than one huge leap, which makes it less terrifying. I also think you can't worry about the things you can't control - ie that it will fold - just make sure you focus on each client that you take on rather than getting overwhelmed. I also think that a huge part of it is down to the battering our confidence takes when we become mums! I think that this is a huge problem when we re-enter the work place but hopefully a few good experiences with clietns will start to build your confidence up again ... good luck with it!

cupcake78 Wed 10-Aug-11 13:37:13

Thank you so much, thats has really helped and yes I have spent the last few months dreaming of the day that it will begin! Its so hard when there are no grants or support for me because what I do is so specialised.

Your right about the becoming a mum thing it knocks you and I was made redundant in month 5 of my maternity leave so that has had a huge impact that only now I am recognising!

strawberrypink Thu 11-Aug-11 18:23:45

cupcake78, just take things one step at time, i have my own cleaning company and i do all the work , sometime it does get stressful but be postive and it will payoff, sit back take a deep breathe have reward like i do i book myself into a spa for a day every 3/4 months be proud of yourself your doing great. When you get stress slow down come away from it listern to music you like just for while then when you go back to it your feel better good luck smile

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