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stay part time or go full time...

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GivingYouEverything Sun 07-Aug-11 09:37:54

I am so in between and just need some like minded mums to talk too...
I have two girls, one is 3 and one is 6 months old. I have worked part time since I went back to work with my eldest daughter....However, I have the chance to work for a firm for more money and study support, this "leg up" could do so much for me and my family, I could financially give them everything, however its full time and the job is approximately 20 miles away (30 minutes on a good commute).
Do I choose between giving them my love and time as I do now or giving them all the material things that I never had, which I also want to give them so much...I just want to give them the best start in life and show them that you can do anything if you put your mind to it but I don't ever want them thinking that I don't love them because I put work first...

LadyLapsang Sun 07-Aug-11 12:43:41

You don't mention whether you have a partner / husband and how much he is hands on or would be if you returned to work full-time?

Think it depends on your priorities and what would be the impact - both good and bad - of staying part-time for now or returning to full-time work.

For your two children - who would look after them while you work, are they a good substitute for you and what would be the cost, what would happen when they are sick, how much time would they have with you and their father on a normal working day - would there be time for playing, stories etc. or would you be tired out and stressed.

For you - must you work full-time to put a decent roof over your head, pay the bills or will the extra money be sucked up in childcare, ready meals and a cleaner etc. Is it a good idea to go back full-time for career reasons? Can't you access training / study support while you are part-time?

GivingYouEverything Sun 07-Aug-11 13:20:53

My partner works long hours but has had to take a lower paid job (He works in construction). Things are ok for us but not as good as they used to be and I can't bear seeing him working 7 days a week while I seemingly sit at home and do nothing. He is not very hands on as he works alot but would like to spend more time with the girls so he is happy for me to go back full time so that the pressure is off him for a little while.
I used to work in a nursery and I think they do a very great job, however so many children were left there from half 8 til half 5, Monday-Friday and it was sad in a way...but on the other hand, a parent's job is to provide isn't it?? The study support is for my degree, there is no way I can pay that kind of money by myself, especially with the tutition fees going up so much next year.

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