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Primary School NQT - Help & Advice?

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DribblersMum Thu 04-Aug-11 22:31:55


I'm almost finished my teacher training - which I've had to defer due to the birth of my lovely son - 6 months tomorrow!

Anyhow - planning (HAVING TO!) get a NQT placement in Sept 2012 - and just looking for a bit of help/advice to put my mind to rest....

Roughly, how many hours will I need to be in school for (I know it varies between schools, but just want a vague idea), i.e. 8-4? 8.-4.30?

And how many hours, roughly will I end up spending at home (once my son is asleep), planning/working?

Lastly, roughly, what will my salary be, after tax (i'll be in Hampshire/Surrey) - just want a vague figure so I can do some maths on how bloody poor I will be after childcare, petrol, etc.

(can you tell i'm looking forward to it?)

Thanks smile

TheFlyingOnion Mon 15-Aug-11 15:41:02

I'm an nqt and am in school 8 til 4:30 most days. I also do 2 or 3 hours of planning on a Sunday for the following week.

I don't do much at all in the holidays, just a few hours on the first couple of weeks' planning for the next term.

As for salary, I'm private so slightly different, but I think it's about 21k before tax. I could be wrong

Good luck!

SareBoyle Mon 15-Aug-11 20:13:44

I'm a teacher with a 6 month old returning in september; you will at least have to do 8-4.30 but the key is being organised and help yourself through by reminding yourself that you are building a future for your son. Have you got a job yet? Perhaps the key is to find something part time?

cansu Wed 17-Aug-11 18:38:45

I have been teaching for ten years now and remember putting in quite a lot more planning hours in my first job. You will also need to factor in meetings, parents evenings etc. In my current job I have a late meeting (until 5.15) once per week. Even now I do some work at home in the evenings at least twice per week in addition to the Sunday slog.

lollymom Mon 22-Aug-11 21:31:54

Before baby- I got in at 7:30 and left about 5. Would then usually do 1 or 2 hours at home of planning/prep/assessment/marking several nights in the week. I would also spend about 2 hours on a Sunday. The extra hours would also inc ICT subject leader responsibility stuff. (avoid leading ICT, Literacy, Maths if you want a life!)

After baby- I went back to work for 3 weeks before the holidays and I did 8:15 til about 4 with the odd hour or 2 at home BUT I was on PPA cover. There was far less commitment, planning and assessment involved. I will be back in class come sept and expect to leave about 4:30ish but resigning myself to 2 hours at least of prep and marking most nights once bubs is in bed sad

advice- Get a PPA cover post or part-time post if long hours are going to be a problem. It's what I'm planning to do as soon as I can.

BranchingOut Mon 22-Aug-11 21:56:32

For the pay scales use the TES website, then put the figure through the salary calculator.

Factor in that you will probably need to spend some of your own money on resources, especially in primary.

However, you can save by always making a packed lunch - plus more convenient as you can then get down to it immediately during your lunch break, then spend the rest of your break relaxing working.

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