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School Admin Job - Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LisaW260 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:09:30


At the moment I currently do volunteer work in a local school, however, recently I have been for 3 job interviews and not been selected, even though on all 3 occasions, the decision to appoint has been between, myself and someone else. I keep being told that I need more experience, I'm at a loss as to how I could gain anymore experience. I use SIMS, deal with enquires for both staff and parents, take dinner, school trip and fund money. I'm also a school governor at another local school as well.

Does anyone who works in a school office have any advice for me, I have a further interview next week and really want this one, as its very close to home.


Ragwort Thu 04-Aug-11 19:12:31

Could it be a polite way of them saying that they have offered the job to someone who already volunteers at the same school or who works there and is being given more hours?

Ask for very detailed feedback - ie: exactly what sort of experience are they looking for?

It is unfortunately a 'set phrase' that employers tend to use rather than just saying 'your face doesn't fit' .............. not professional at all, but it happens. Good luck with the next interview.

dunkindonut Fri 05-Aug-11 09:25:16

Sorry if this sounds harsh but it's probably because your face doesn't fit.

In my previous job, we always interviewed people who had the right experience on paper. It was really just a case of meeting them to see who would be the best fit. We were looking to see who would fit in with the team.

Keep plugging away. You will find the 'right fit' for you soon enough.

munstersmum Fri 05-Aug-11 09:33:23

Being a tad provocative here - they may really appreciate the different views you could bring or they may feel a bit threatened by the fact you are a governor elsewhere (likely to 'overstep' the admin role?).

An0therName Fri 05-Aug-11 13:44:28

someone else could have longer experience in the same role; eg actually doing it as a paid job; they could have qualfications in admin -

dunkindonut Fri 05-Aug-11 17:56:51

There's always a multitude of reasons why someone else gets the job. You could ask for feedback but it might have been a very close race with you and the other person anyway. I wouldn't agonise over it. Just move on. For whatever reason, it wasn't your job.

LaCiccolina Tue 09-Aug-11 15:30:46

If you think your skills are comparable to the others truthfully then perhaps they interviewed better? Can be luck, can be 'fit' but can also be confidence, tidiness and appearance type things. This at least you can control?

Go back to basics. If you eliminate the areas of possible causes you can control then hopefully you will feel more comfortable?

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