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Back to work tomorrow - please hold my hand!

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neptunesdaughter Sun 31-Jul-11 16:29:23

So I'm back to work tomorrow full time and my DD (8.5 months) is going into nursery. I'm so sad and finding it really hard to even think about all of it. I'm mostly worried about my DD in nursery - I know she will love it and it's not a terrible thing but she hasn't had a full day away from me yet and the workers are basically strangers (her settle sessions were only a couple of hours at a time). She is also breastfed and will have to go onto formula for the daytime - although she eats well during the day.

Work is another worry entirely - they've kept the girl who was covering my role on and now created a more senior role over mine which she will be doing! I'm terrified about going back - I've put weight on and my brain is not in the best working order. I have no confidence and I feel useless. I want to work but feel like they don't really want me back and am scared it's going to be awful.

Plus I don't want to be apart from my baby! I have to go back (financial reasons) so have no choice but I know I'm going to be miserable.

Please tell me it'll be ok!

gilliano1987 Sun 31-Jul-11 22:09:43

It will be fine!! It will take some getting used to but after a while your little one will love nursey and make friends and I believe it helps their development. I have noticed a huge difference between my girls, my first went to nursery at 2 and my second at 5 months. My second being the much more confident and basically the ringleader. I work full time and study from home aswel. It's tough but you soon get into a routine. And you will find it a relief not to speak baby talk all day! Maybe they will ease you back in gently and maybe find the role they have created for the other girl will take some pressure off you? It's important to still have a social life and feel like you as a woman not just a mum. Don't panic!!

ladykay Mon 01-Aug-11 16:19:06

Sorry I wish I'd seen your message yesterday! How was today? This was my state not only three years ago, but also up-and-coming with child#2. It really will be fine. The start is so emotional I know, but so long as you are happy with the childcare then you will see her flourish!! I found the first month very hard, so I don't know how you found today but at the very worst you are 1/30th of your way to a happy sociable child with friends they will know all the way to school! I am holding your hand, please hold mine!

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