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What kind of questions are usually asked at a job interview?

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Bear1984 Sun 24-Jul-11 18:39:19

I have an interview on Tuesday and so far I have:

* why do I want the job?
* why would I be good at the job?
* Strengths/Weaknesses
* An example of customer service
* An example of problem solving
* An example of being a team player

I have researched the company, and have gone through the job description and wrote out an example of something I have done in the past that is an example for that quality.

Is there anything I am missing? It's for an admin assistant role. TIA.

WyrdMother Sun 24-Jul-11 18:49:30

If you have a job description and/or personal specification and/or competency profile for the job look at each point and connect up any relevant experience or examples with the points. This is really just building on what you've already done but even if the interviewer doesn't get that specific your responses to the general questions will probably be smoother.

Most important thing, meet the interviewer's eyes as you walk through the door and smile.

Good luck!

supadupapupascupa Sun 24-Jul-11 18:51:49

An example of dealing with a difficult situation

and as part of your questions ask the interviewer what it is that makes them work for the company grin always goes down well especially if their boss is also present at the interview

supadupapupascupa Sun 24-Jul-11 18:52:44

confident handshake and good open body language. Let the interviewer see the insides of your wrists, it shows honesty.

LIZS Sun 24-Jul-11 18:56:20

Is it a competency based interview. If so look at the person specification and be prepared to give an example to illustrate each. Transferrable skills are good to draw on. Will there be any intray or practical exercise ? Dress slightly smarter than you expect the role to require

Bear1984 Sun 24-Jul-11 19:05:32

Thank you all! I've been writing on the back of large pieces of wallpaper that we have lying around to make sure I have all my points down so I can go over them. I'm quite nervous as I haven't had an interview in 6 years, so want to make sure I'm as prepared as I can be! So shall add your points to it as well grin

LIZS, it's just a competency based.

Moulesfrites Sun 24-Jul-11 19:07:36

don't forget the old "Do you have any questions for us?" at the end! Best to have a few prepared for that, I always forget about it!

LIZS Sun 24-Jul-11 19:16:08

Opportunities for training

loubylooloo Sun 24-Jul-11 20:52:56

I agree with Moulesfrites that you should always have some questions ready. I interview for new staff occasionally and always want to be asked questions, most interviewers find it perfectly acceptable if you have a sheet of paper with questions already prepared as your mind will probably go blank when asked. Keep away from specifics about terms and pay unless they bring it up

Bear1984 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:59:18

Excellent, thank you so much. I have been trying to think of a couple of questions. I was going to ask what the first 3 months would look like for me working with them, and if there was any training I would have to undertake or could undertake, and whether there were any events coming up for the company. The job description has given information about pay and hours so I will avoid asking about that unless like you say loubylooloo that they bring it up.

I wasn't sure whether to ask why the job position came up or whether that would be inappropriate?

Brought my outfit today. I have a black suit (jacket and trousers) and a teal top to go with it. Trousers are slightly too long for me as I'm quite short, even with heels on, so going to try and take them in or something.

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