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Re-locating and trying to get a job - childcare - part-time options aaaaarrgh!

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Kate777 Wed 20-Jul-11 10:55:14

My husband and I are re-locating with our little one (aged 2). We have lived away from family for years and now have the opportunity to move close again which we have grabbed. My husband has started his new job and has moved in with his mum during the week! I have left my full-time job and taken my child out of nursery whilst I pack up the house. I need to work when we do relocate but I am having serious difficulties. Has anyone done this before that can offer advice? The nurseries in the our new town are all full for months. I need to put my LO on a list and secure her place but I can't afford for her to go (£39 a day) unless I am working. I can't apply for any jobs as I can't start work until she has a place at nursery! My mum and sisters work full time so no child-care options apart from nursery I don't think? Any ideas to get me out of this vicious circle!??

Kate777 Wed 20-Jul-11 10:58:34

Oops forgot the part-time bit. I would love to work part-time but how on earth can you predict what days to sign the LO up to nursery for so many months in advance? Also - all part-time jobs seem to be terribly paid. Does anyone actually work part-time for the money? Nursery and petrol would wipe out the pay! I suppose working a Saturday is an option. In a complete whirl.

DamselInDisarray Wed 20-Jul-11 10:59:09

Try to find a childminder?

MovingAndScared Wed 20-Jul-11 11:37:49

Well I am in a similar postion just moved but not working YET! - although my mum doesn't work so she can have DCs sometimes- I found a childminder - she is happy to have younger one 1 day a week until I find something
In my experience - the job market is very competative at the moment so I would get DD on waiting list for nursery and look around for other childcare at the same time as looking for work - it might take longer than you think
re part time issue - most nursies and childminders would probably be ok with you dropping days -with notice and my stratergy is to apply for full time jobs and look at negotating down to 4 days or work 6 months and then apply for flexiable working

Kate777 Wed 20-Jul-11 12:19:46

Thank you 'MovingAndScared' that is really helpful. Good luck to you in your search.

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