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Going part-time or not going back at all...???

(5 Posts)
Kiki84 Tue 19-Jul-11 20:52:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MovingAndScared Wed 20-Jul-11 08:34:22

holiday - you shouldn't loose it but you need to sort out with your employer
I think you accure leave at full time rate until your contract is changed -

benifits - take it you in are uk - only what you should have claimed already - child benifit and child tax credit - if household income is low enough

violetwellies Wed 20-Jul-11 09:00:28

I am off for 12 months, 11 mat leave and the last annual leave, I am doing that as I am due back at the end of the financial year and would otherwise loose my leave. I workrd through a the options with a helpful person from HR.

Kiki84 Thu 28-Jul-11 15:51:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bechine Tue 02-Aug-11 08:54:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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