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rattie77 Tue 19-Jul-11 15:47:27

I obtained my Social Work Degree 2 years ago and haven't worked as a social worker due to having a baby shortly before my course finished. I wanted to stay at home with my child who will be 3 in October. I am now getting really worried that I will not be able to get back into the profession as I will have left it too late since getting my qualification and I am too old (am now 48). Other concerns are how flexible the job is with little ones and the issue of me not driving. I was offered a job within an older persons team but they stated that I must learn to drive within 3 months or lose my job. I felt that I wouldn't be able to do this as the few lessons that I have had indicate that I am a slow learner. It is also sooo expensive and I do not have the funds at the moment, it is really frustrating and a catch 22 situation. I want to return to work within the next year, but these concerns are on my mind a lot. I have completly lost all confidence since being at home which doesn't help. Sorry for the ramble, but if any social workers have any advice it would be very helpful.

sungirltan Wed 20-Jul-11 13:43:17

hey rattie - i was in your situation exactly but i have just got a job as a sw - my first post qualifying. i had dd in my final year and took 2 years off- hi!

i learnt to drive in that time too and yes it was very slow and hard for me but i have passed my test now.

there are part time posts around but its better to apply for LAs - agencies just didnt want to know with me when i asked for part time. not all las are super strict about driving but it is a bit catch 22 - one post which was reccomended to me was hospital sw - which is office based. sadly you need post qualifying exp for this so i was stuck again BUT sw friends of mine did agency work part time doing hospital discharge work as unqual sw. something like this owuld buy you some time and cash toward the driving. if you are in the middle of nowhere i really sympathise but if you are in a big city there will be opportunities out there which will work i'm sure - good luck!

Ungratefulchild Wed 20-Jul-11 13:47:05

When I worked in London as a SW I didn't drive and could manage fine but elsewhere its really hard. I eventually did an intensive driving couse and passed. Borrow the money if you need to because it will really help your job prospects.

I find SW to be quite a flexible profession. I work part time but its easier to get these jobs from a full time position.

Good luck.

rattie77 Thu 21-Jul-11 22:49:03

Hi, and thanks for your replies. Seems like I really need to drive, just seems a bit unfair, as we have a great bus service and I don't really want to drive - quite nervous really, but suppose I will have to look into it. There are not many jobs being advertised at the moment locally, obviously due to the cuts etc, so I will focus on driving for now. I have also heard that agencies are not very good, especially for part time work. Thanks again.

MovingAndScared Fri 22-Jul-11 14:25:59

I know someone who was a social worker - it was quite flexiable - but agree unless you are in london you need to be able to drive - there were loads of visits and it wasn't possible to predict where they would be so public transport would be a nightmare

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