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Accrued Holiday, Full Time to Part Time - Help needed pls.

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Gatesy007 Sat 16-Jul-11 21:38:29

Hi There,
I wonder if you can give me some advice please. I'm due to return to work on the 12th Sept 2011 after 52 weeks maternity leave. My work's holiday year runs from the 1st March to the end of Feb and as such I will have accrued 12 days holiday when I return to work. (2 days a months for the 6 months, March 2011 to Aug 2011). Now I was working full time, 5 days a week, and have agreed that I can return part-time, 2 days a week on a Mon & Tues. I assumed that if I was to then use my holiday that I have accrued, that would mean I have an extra 6 weeks off, so using 2 days holiday a week on the Mon & Tues up until the 24th October. However, work have just informed me that as I accrued full time holiday I have to take it on previous full time hours. So they have worked out the 12 days would mean I return to work on Weds 28th Sept (ie 12 full time working days from the 12th Sept). What I don't get is that I will effectively be using up my holiday on a Weds, Thurs and Fri which are days I won't be working on my new part time contract. Does anyone know if that is legally correct? If it is, then so be it, but if not then can anyone point me the right direction to get some official legal literature about this?
Also, if I do have to take it as full time, thus returning on the 28th Sept, does that mean that when I get paid at the end of Sept it will be for 2 weeks full time pay, rather than the 2 weeks part time pay?!!
Anyway, this must be a common scenario so if any of you ladies (or gents!) out there can offer any guidance, I'd really appreciate it.
Will prob go to Citizen's Advice Bureau but thought I'd give you guys a go first. Thanks in advance. Sam.

HarrietJones Sat 16-Jul-11 22:00:09

If your p/t contract doesn't start til the end of your leave it would be legal.
You would be getting paid for 2 weeks full time holiday.
You could just return 12/9 but your boss may want you to take holiday before you return otherwise it's v difficult to use up all your leave before the year is up and more disruption to work

Strawberrysorbet Sat 16-Jul-11 23:34:39

As Harriet said, your will be taking the 2 weeks you are due and your part time contract will start afterwards. So you will be paid 2 weeks full time and two weeks part time. I'm doing the very same thing.

breatheslowly Sat 16-Jul-11 23:46:58

You should also be accruing the bank holidays you missed.

Gatesy007 Sun 17-Jul-11 14:18:02

Thanks everyone for your replies. Least I know where I stand now. And I didn't even think about bank hols so hopefully that's 9 extra days I can tag on the end too!

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