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Going back to work after been overpaid and no idea how to sort tax credits!!!

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Stephiiebum Wed 13-Jul-11 14:56:16

Hi i am new on here and need some advice. I was overpaid by work whilst on mat leave and work advised me to tell tax credits that i had to pay it back entitling me to more tax credits. I haven't renewed yet as i have no p60 to give figures from and my last wage slip was a minus.
Am i even entitled to more tax credits? I'm so stuck and confused i don't want to claim and have to pay back in a few years time if it turns out the wrong thing. Any advice appreciated! smile x

diamond2101 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:14:48

I would give tax credits a call anyway just explaining the situation so atleast they can make notes on your account. Also contact HMRC and see if they can send you out a copy of your P60.

I was overpaid a few yrs ago because the tax credits worker misunderstood what I'd said on the phone regarding working previous to my maternity and then having no job to go to! I'm still paying it back but it comes out of my child tax and working tax credit payments each week/month. Something small like £30-£40 per month I think.

Hope you sort it all out.

allthefires Mon 18-Jul-11 08:25:40

You tell tax credits your gross pay not pay after deductions.

You wouldnt be entitled to more because otherwise tax credits would be paying back your overpayment!

Give them a call and go from there.

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