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Gone back to work after long SAHM break..... (whispers - I don't like it.....)

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Tommy Mon 11-Jul-11 21:56:14

Just started work again after nearly 10 years of being a SAHM (which I loved). I am a teacher but working in a support role in school now. I'm only 2 days per week until Septemeber when I'm going to 4 but I'm not enjoying it sad
Was thinking this morning that I'd rather be at home, doing the ironing hmm
Does it get better? I've only been doing it a few weeks but if today was anything to go by, I'd rather not!

AurraSing Mon 11-Jul-11 22:20:37

I cannot believe anything is as bad as ironing. shock

I haven't returned to work yet, but in my time I have changed job lots of times. And I can honestly say it takes up to 6 months to adapt to new roles and colleagues, and to stop thinking of yourself as 'the new girl'. I hate the phrase, but you are out of your comfort zone right now (I'm blushing as I write that) and you just need time to adjust.

Give yourself another couple of months and you'll be ironing on your day off, desperate to leave it to someone else and swan off to work.

Tommy Mon 11-Jul-11 22:39:17

thank you AurraSing. You're right - need to give myself some time and think of the money


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