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moving from secondary to primary teaching. Possible?

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redwill Fri 08-Jul-11 10:21:38

Just wondered if anyone out there had transfered from secondary teaching to primary and if so, how they did it / got the experience. After 11 years in secondary I really want to move to Primary. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

AxlRose Sun 10-Jul-11 07:14:56

I have been told that it is possible, as once you have QTS you can teach any age. The difficult part is finding a HT willing to take you on when there will be many applicants specialising in primary to choose from. Maybe volunteering in the primary age range would give you enough experience to be considered, or could you start by doing supply maybe.

I'm not a teacher myself so hopefully somebody else with experience will be along soon.

exoticfruits Sun 10-Jul-11 07:26:11

Could you start by going into your DCs school and discussing it with the Head and seeing if you could volunteer to help and see what goes on?
After that supply teaching is the best way in.

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