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What to wear to job interview.

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Thefoxsbrush Mon 04-Jul-11 17:22:34

I have an interview for a receptionist job at a local health centre. What should I wear? It's been a while! (I'm 27yo mum of 3 and will be buying something new)

eeyore2 Mon 04-Jul-11 17:25:32

Go and look what the receptionist is wearing today and base your outfit on that. It should be similar but slightly more smart because you are interviewing. Remember to avoid cleavage, tummy and thighs showing!! Make sure your shoes are comfortable as you shouldn't be teetering or tottering around. Good luck!

Thefoxsbrush Mon 04-Jul-11 17:51:46

Thanks! V good advice re: having a look at what their receptionist is wearing. That didn't even occur to me :-)

LaCiccolina Mon 04-Jul-11 20:35:09

Hi, I employ receptionists. I agree with eeyore. Pop along. Try to wear something similar so they think you already are in the mould of what they might be looking for.

If in doubt eg shes in trainers and keep fit gear if a gym, they wont be expecting you to do the same. Id go for a basic skirt/trousers/jacket option in a non-descript colour eg black, blue etc. It doesnt need to be a shirt, you could wear a slim fit tshirt underneath. Colour is fine, just keep to one and eg if red use it throughout the outfit. So red top, red hair band, red handbag. It gives the impression of a uniform without being one. Id suggest tights as they look more professional and it depends on the desk you are working at as to whether legs are on show or not.

Hint: receptions often look for tricks to be shown. Dont wear nail varnish. Often this is banned in an outfit because fingers are on show. Wear very small jewellery and not dangly earrings. Wedding rings are ok, but avoid very obvious chains or if so keep it simple and smart. Less is definately more here. Keep your hair tidy and ensure your bag goes with the outfit. Dont ruin a great outfit with a denim handbag for example. They expect a package.

Finally sit up straight and look interested. Sounds idiotic but Ive met some great people standing up that look flipping awful sitting down because they slouched and got too comfortable and it looked messy. If its reception you are going for you have to carry that demeanour all the way through the interviews.

Best of luck! Hope you knock them dead! :0)

Thefoxsbrush Mon 04-Jul-11 20:52:43

Thanks for the great advice! I currently work as a receptionist but it takes me an hour to get to work so I want something closer to home. Your advice has given me a lot of confidence grin

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