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anyone work in housing?

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rainbowtoenails Sun 03-Jul-11 22:21:06

Eg as a housing officer/ manager/ another role with a housing association or something similar eg in the voluntary sector? Im looking to get into this and want to know about qualifications/ opportunities/ whether you like the work.

rainbowtoenails Wed 06-Jul-11 19:40:43


csla Tue 12-Jul-11 20:12:59

Hi, its a good area to get into if you like dealing with a wide range of types of people. In terms of entry level as a housing officer youll need to show good organisational and communication skills, the ability to manage a caseload and deal with tenants (some of who can be difficult). If you have good management skills you can move up the ladder to housing management and there are a reasonable amount of opportunities. A foundation qualification from the chartered institute of housing (CIH - see website) is an advantage. Housing associations and local authorities are the main employers in this sector. Housing associations can be more dynamic in their approach with less red tape and greater freedom for new ideas. There are also opportunites in the charity sector if youre so inclined (eg Shelter charity,hostels). If you have a degree some councils and HAs run a bursary scheme whereby they employ you to study for the Msc in housing whilst training on the job for 2 years (you'll do 4 6 month placements in housing (eg rents officer, policy, homeless dept). Salary for these popsts tend to be around £15kbut they pay your masters fees. Housing officer salaries range from £15 - £25k and housing managers £25 - £45k as a v rough guide If you want to know anything more specfiic feel free to ask.

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