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Did you go back 4 days with Mondays off? What happened to your bank holidays?

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missrose Sat 02-Jul-11 22:11:20

After initially saying it probably wouldn't be possible for me to go back to work four days a week, my company have reluctantly agreed if my day off is a Monday. I'm sure this has something to do with Bank Holidays. My pay will be adjusted to four days. Is there anything I can do about Bank Holidays?

I'm incredibly relieved they have agreed to the flexible working but as my holiday will be adjusted too (we only get the minimum 20 days a year) I feel a bit like I'm losing out.

What have other people's experiences of this been? Did you manage to negotiate something about the BHs and how would I phrase it?

meditrina Sat 02-Jul-11 22:16:25

HR did a behind the scenes calculation to pro rata my leave allowance which included an adjustment for when Bank Holidays fell (most are Mondays, except Good Friday and maybe Christmas). This meant that I got a slightly different (higher) annual leave allowance than someone whose working patterns included Mondays (as the organisation was closed on BHs).

Sorry, I can't remember the formula they used. But it was fair, and I liked it as I had more days (only about 1 over a year - don't get your hopes up too high) when I could choose the day I took rather than having to have the BH (which I sort of got anyhow).

AnnoyingOrange Sat 02-Jul-11 22:16:41

You are legally entitled to pro-rata holiday and bank holiday

seee here

Icoulddoitbetter Sat 02-Jul-11 22:17:00

If your annual leave is 20 days plus bank holidays, then you will get extra leave to cover this. They work your leave out into hours, then add on 4/5 of the bank holidays. So you don't loose out. But if a BH falls on a day that you work, such as christmas, you need to take it as leave. That's a basic rundown anyway.

If your 20 days leave includes the BH's, it's different, but I'm not sure how as it's not how my leave works (though I think the min you can have is 20+BH's so that's probably irrelavant.

Gastonladybird Sat 02-Jul-11 22:17:32

They are prorated so if don't take them on working day I can take them on another day. However bh and holiday separate are my work as they need two bits together to give you your stat allowance. Your t and c may be different if you have s holiday allowance that includes bh.

ceebeegeebies Sat 02-Jul-11 22:20:09

I work 4 days a week and have Monday's off and it is as Icoulddoitbetter says.

You are entitled to pro-rata bank holidays which should be added to your annual leave - if a bank holiday falls on one of your usual working days, you deduct it as leave, if it falls on a non-working day, you do nothing. Ultimately this means that you have more annual leave to use as and when you want to smile

Pudding2be Sat 02-Jul-11 22:25:54

I work 30 hours per week, full time is 35. I don't work Monday's, so when the bh falls on a Monday, I'm owed 6 hours (30 / 5) so I work 24 hours that week. When it falls on a work day I can count it only as 6 hours towards my working week.


LovetheHarp Sun 03-Jul-11 13:13:59

I think you need to ask your employer's HR as they will have rules for this sort of thing.

In my case for example I get all bank holidays that fall on a Monday back - so I think it's 5, so five days credited to my holidays! I wouldn't have known had I not asked!!

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