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Fellowships for scientists / engineers wanting to return to their career after a break

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GrendelsMum Thu 23-Jun-11 14:22:50

I got this mail through and thought it might be of interest for scientists returning to work.

"Do you know a scientist, engineer or technologist on a career break? Would they like to return to their career?

There are currently opportunities for Daphne Jackson Fellowships funded by the Royal Astronomical Society and the University of Aberdeen.

I am seeking a scientist, engineer or technologist in Aberdeen to take up a Fellowship in any SET discipline at the University of Aberdeen. I am also seeking an astronomer to take up a Fellowship funded by the RAS whcih can be undertaken at any UK university/research establishment.

Daphne Jackson Fellowships are usually two years part time, paid Fellowships during which the Fellow undertakes a challenging research project and a tailored retraining programme. Fellows must have had at least two years break and a degree in a SET discipline and three years research experience prior to the break.

The Fellowships are designed to help returners who have been out of the workplace for two years or more and are intended to significantly increase employability and remove the disadvantages inherent in a career break.

For more information please see the website

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