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Can anyone help me with this teaching assistant application?

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JemimaHairMouse Thu 16-Jun-11 16:27:56

I'm really interested in this job however I'm a bit confused about what I should include in the personal statement section on the application form.

Normally I'd address all of the bullet points in the person spec - but this is just the generic TA person spec - and there are loads of bullet points.

Any pointers from anyone in the know?
I've separated paragraphs into each of the headings - but it is already starting to turn into an essay.

Should I be doing it this way? Or looking more at the job description. Or just picking bits out of each of the subheadings?

Any advice lovely mnetters?

threefeethighandrising Thu 16-Jun-11 21:52:15

Wow the person spec is an essay in itself!

How big is the personal statement section? Can you stretch it to be as long as you like?

I have no ides if this is the right thing to do, but I'd be tempted to answer each of the points, even if that does make it really long.

JemimaHairMouse Fri 17-Jun-11 08:56:31

I know!!! Normally I would address each point and give an appropriate example - but it will literally be a huge essay and I don't want them to lose the will to live grin

Personal statement is 2/3's of a page and does say that you can add additional pages if necessary.

So far I have picked out two of the bullet points on each of the subheadings and with examples it already comes to two pages...

messybedhead Mon 20-Jun-11 14:22:30

Definitely address every point of the person spec NOT the job description.

I know it is so confusing and so time consuming, I have just been completing teaching applications (and have got a job now) but the most important thing we were told is to answer EVERY point on the person spec.

I numbered mine and gave each point its own heading so that anybody skimming through could see that I met every point they were looking for.

I would suggest typing it and just adding it to the application rather than trying to fit it into the small box. I may have used arial font 9 (oops) and very narrow margins to fit it all onto 2 pages - but it seemed to work for me.

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