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New Job: Shifts

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littlejosh Tue 14-Jun-11 09:48:20

Hello All

(Cross posted on money matters as well)

I have been offered a job, on a rota/shift pattern, 2 earlies, 2 lates and 2 days off. My husband is self employed and I have worked for him the last two years.

I have am after another job, so I can earn my own money, get out of the house and should anything ever happen we might have one salary coming in. Should add the job is within walking distance of home.

Im looking for advice on how this can work with a 2 year old (who is currently with a child minder three days a week).

My husband is supportive of me taking the job, but having spoken to my mum she says it might have a detrimental affect on the family and cause stress.

Can anyone advise if they have been in a similiar situation, and how they made it work and what possible things come up. Im not sure more money v's changing the family dynamic is worth it. I would have one full weeked off in 6...any advise or suggestions would be useful (part-time work is not an option with this particular job).


Notinmykitchen Tue 14-Jun-11 09:58:21

Hi, my DH and I both work shifts and have a DS aged 3. I find it works well for the most part at the moment. I have certainly seen more of DS over the last 3 years than I would have done working full time 9 to 5 hours as I am often around in the daytime and at work when he is sleeping. For me that is the big positive. One concern I do have is how it will work when DS goes to school, as then obviously 9 to 5 hours would fit in much better.

Have you considered how the shifts would work with you and your DH? Can he change his days off so you are both off at the same time at least some of the time? I think it would not be good if the only time you all have as a family was one weekend in 6?

Hope that is some help!

littlejosh Tue 14-Jun-11 10:03:58


As there is a six week rota, we could shedule time off together but dh normally works 9-5. Monday to Friday. How do you manage the house etc.
Shifts Im looking at are:

Early: 6:00 - 14:00
Late: 14:00 - 22:00

Notinmykitchen Tue 14-Jun-11 10:21:53

Our shifts are similar, but with nights as well. We don't really have any set system for the house, whoever is at home at any given time does what needs doing, admittedly my house usually looks like a bomb site but that is because I am rubbish at house work, and DH doesn't seem to notice if its a mess.

It is tiring doing shifts. we have been doing it ever since we met so I have no experience of anything else to compare it to. Could you give it a go and go back to what you do now if it doesn't work out?

littlejosh Mon 20-Jun-11 13:39:00

Have decided to remain where I am at the moment. Couldn't reconcile shifts with our diaries and childcare, felt we would be paying much more for child care. Also had concerns about emergency child care and how we would manage! Bit uoset sad, but felt human again and good to know my skills are transferrable out of home office wink

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