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I want to be an occupational therapist-help me?

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happy2bhomely Mon 13-Jun-11 09:42:03

I have been at home looking after our 4 children for 10 yrs now. I left school with good GCSE'S but quit A levels because I got pregnant. I have no other qualifications and no work experience. I am starting the OU course k101-understanding health and social care in October. I have applied for a voluntary post at a local community centre for elderly people. It will involve chatting with them, playing games, walking to the shops etc.

I have researched the role of an Occupational therapist, and I think I would really enjoy it, but I've never met one! Does anyone have any experience of working as one/with one/for one etc? I'm under the impression they work office hours, is that right? Is there a demand for them? What's a typical day like, if there is one?

I'm hoping to apply to Southbank university to complete the degree. Does anyone have any advice that might help me get useful voluntary work? Does anyone have any tips on how I can make myself stand out, in a good way of course, when I apply?

autobahnbismark Mon 13-Jun-11 14:46:02

You could try contacting the Occupational Therapy department at Southbank Uni to have a chat about the profession and what they look for in applicants. In my experience (at other universities) they are always happy to talk to potential applicants and now is often a good time as they're generally less hectic in the summer.

happy2bhomely Mon 13-Jun-11 16:27:12

Thanks for messaging! I've contacted them via email and got back a pretty generic email. I think I might book a place on an open day so I can find someone I can chat to!

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