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So fed up with useless HR person at my work, I've had enough

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catkin83 Wed 08-Jun-11 22:45:18

AAAGGGGHHH, I had a promotion at work (I'm a teacher). My start date in the new role was Monday just gone. The HR person has known this was happening for over a month and was supposed to send my new contract, terms and conditions etc
He hasn't done it. I sent him emails on May 26th and 27th about it. Today I saw him and asked if he had seen the emails - he said he 'hadn't had a chance to read them'.
There is a bit of a back story - over the last six months he has made repeated mistakes with my pay and been impossible to contact or deal with. I had to go over his head in the end to get it sorted out. It still isn't right and I'm still owed money because of his mistakes.
I'm really furious not to have had a contract. We are trying to buy a house and I need the contract now to apply for the new mortgage.
Anyway tonight I was so annoyed after work I sent him an email reiterating everything and CC'd it to our Head Teacher.
I know he'll hate me now. That doesn't bother me, but how long can he carry on messing me about like this? He's not up to the job at all - the most basic things seem to be impossible for him. I'm just getting so annoyed. Any advice anyone? Sorry this is long. Pent up frustration coming out.

LaCiccolina Thu 09-Jun-11 18:31:05

I think you have done the only thing possible, included his boss. Perhaps a quiet word with the boss is best to follow up on this? Seeing as speaking to him didnt appear to shame him in to action!

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