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getting back into work

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lea78 Tue 07-Jun-11 11:23:53

I have not worked for 10 years as had 4 kids, the youngest is now going into primary school in september. I would really like to get back into work, dont mind having to get childcare. The problem is I got pregnant with my first quite young and have no real work experience, hence no real referees, have got 8 GCSE's most grade D or above, have an NVQ level 2 in typing as done that at tech, an NVQ level 2 in horse care and riding as my ambition was to work with horses, so have a few qualifications but no real work experience other than working in a stable when 16 and doing 2 years at a riding school working for my NVQ. Where do I go from here, cannot drive either but am appyling for my driving licence at minute and starting driving lessons.

LaCiccolina Fri 10-Jun-11 10:22:29

What work do you want to do? I cant see a reason you couldnt work in a shop, restaurant, office. Could you temp? Build up a couple of places that way? I cant see from here what you want to do. You wont walk into something fabulously paid unless you are flipping lucky so what way would you be happy spending your time doing for say the next few months to build something up on your CV?

Also, working with horses requires team work, calm attitude, unflappable nature, problem solving, knowledge of basic Health & Safety, basic customer care (if a working riding stable). So think about what skills you can apply to stuff you already do do.

Pheasant Fri 10-Jun-11 16:27:34

There are some useful courses you could do to get skills / qualifications for working in offices if you don't want to do shop work, etc. Check out Pitman - they do a Returners to Work diploma, plus a load of other things. I did them and it was great.

lea78 Sun 12-Jun-11 20:01:07

Im not totally sure want I want to do, whether I want to go back to working with horses, or to try office work. I love horses and would really like to go back to that but not sure if I would get a job now after not being in that line of work for so long, I have gone back to taking riding lessons once a week to keep that end of it up.

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