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on mat leave and need to discuss return to work but nobody is turning back to me (+ we don't have manager or HR)

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cheapFlower Mon 06-Jun-11 11:31:23

ok, on mat leave with DC2. just need to sort out my childcare and would like to change my working pattern a little bit and need to discuss it with work.

problem is, we are a small UK branch (10 staff in total) of an overseas company. my office used to have an office manager (who did also all the HR stuff) but he left beginning of the year and has not been replaced. I work in customer services and I report now to our sales manager and all matters need to be discussed with her. have tried for a week now and she is not returning my emails and phone messages. talked to people in the office. she is currently mainly on business trips abroad and hardly in the UK (i.e. not really in the office either).

there is no other manager or HR department who deals with issues like mine. we have an HR department overseas but they are useless in my case (have no knowledge and understanding of UK legislations re flexible working, mat leave etc....)

really at loss at what do do now. anybody any ideas?

LaCiccolina Thu 09-Jun-11 18:48:23

Someone in the firm is responsible for HR and HR related issues (whether they want to be or not). For a firm your size I think they just have to follow the directgov explanations which seem fairly straight forwards. Id start by following those. Once you tell them you want to do a FWA flexible work application there are timelines that have to be followed so Id just get on with your part and let them fall foul of theirs....

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