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i havent worked in 10 years - what do i need to do?

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edwardsbella Fri 03-Jun-11 14:16:41

i last worked when i was pregnant with my daughter - a cleaner for a big supermarket and a cashier in my sisters shop.
all my 3 kids are in school now ,ds is 4 but goes all day .
what type of job can i get that fits in with school holidays and school hours - we have no family that will do any childcare and i dont want to be working just to pay out for childcare also the thought of other people looking after my kids doesnt fill me with joy.
do i need to get a c.v sorted
so many things to consider

lynehamrose Sat 04-Jun-11 09:24:35

Do any local supermarkets do school hours shifts? Tbh thats all I can think off if you've been out of the Market for so long and if you're not qualified for anything else. There are some school based jobs which fit into school hours - classroom assistant, dinner lady, some admin jobs, but usually these are very popular and get snapped up by people with qualifications and more recent work experience.
Tbh after 10 years out I would be looking to invest in some training and also accepting that I might need childcare. The thought of it doesn't fill you with joy only because you haven't done it! My kids were with a childminder from 9 months and its the best thing ive ever done- they're fine, I'm fine. Yes you will need to get your cv up together- plenty of examples on the internet to guide you

Sinkingfeeling Sat 04-Jun-11 13:10:55

I think you may need to boost your CV with some recent work and training to be in with a chance of getting paid work. Doing some voluntary work (which you should be able to fit in with school hours, or evenings) would be a good move, and could also provide you with an up to date reference. Jobs that fit into school hours are like gold dust, and you might need to widen your options a bit and consider using childcare, which could well turn out very well for both you and your children.

Vintagepommery Sat 04-Jun-11 14:03:34

like lynhamrose said I would ask your local supermarkets if they have any shifts - they'll tell you whether you need a cv for that. Dinner lady/lunchtime superviser type jobs are fairly easy to come by around my way. School admin/teaching assistant jobs are harder to get. Also, playgroup jobs would fit in with school hours if you're interested in that kind of work but you'd probably need to volunteer at one if you have no previous experience.

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