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What's the best way of working out what you want to do for a new job/career?!

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pipkin35 Wed 01-Jun-11 11:04:27

Have worked in low level admin for 5 years. Got 2 kids who are not at school yet, so I work PT. Rumblings of redundancies happening here. Hate this job.

Would love to do something I enjoyed and felt 'fufilled' in, but have NO idea where to start looking, or how.

Anyone done this or something similar?!

I have qualifications in 'arty' (useless) subjects, but a few gaps missing from normally 'required' qualifications (no GCSE maths or a science, so thinking teaching would be out?!).

Can't really afford to see a careers advisor!

Or do I just stay here cos it's handy with the kids, and forget about any kind of job satisfaction for a few years?!

AxlRose Thu 09-Jun-11 08:52:09

What are your interests?
Do you want to work with adults/children/animals?
Do you want to be office based or work outside?
What are your strengths?
What sort of jobs appeal to you?

I think you need to think about the job you really want first - and then work out a realistic plan to get it. If it's teaching you really want then maybe enrol in a night class and get the GCSE's you need while you're working part time and your DC's are small.

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