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Woul like to take in typing from home - any ideas

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Boot1 Fri 03-Oct-03 11:08:50

I gave up work in Februday after 10 years working as legal sec. I have two children and love being at home, but feel that would still like to contribute in some way. As I have a computer I feel as if I should put it to some use and would like to take in typing but don't know how to advertise or go about it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do. I suppose university students etc with essays and stuff might be a start.

Northerner Fri 03-Oct-03 11:14:17

Perhaps you could advertise on college/uni noticeboards? Or put an advert in the business section of your local newspaper. Or what about contacting local hotels - when I worked as a receptionist we always had loads of business guests who needed things typing (and were willing to pay over the odds)but it was a nightmare as we were often too busy to do it. Someone like you would have been a godsend!

ks Fri 03-Oct-03 11:17:29

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 03-Oct-03 11:19:39

Message withdrawn

tamum Fri 03-Oct-03 11:21:40

To be honest, I wouldn't have thought students were the best market. I'm sure you'd do a lot better elsewhere. I teach at a university, and all the students do their own typing, because they're usually editing, pasting and so on as they go along. I don't know of any who don't have their own computer or easy access to one, things have changed a lot in the last few years. I never, ever see a handwritten piece of work except for exams. Notherner's idea of businessmen might be good, although again lots would have laptops nowadays, and ks's idea sounds great. Good luck with it!

Boot1 Fri 03-Oct-03 13:17:03

Thanks for all messages. Hopefully will be able to sort something out. Its amazing how technology has evolved in the last few years. Will have to do some catching up.

M2T Fri 03-Oct-03 13:21:05

Boot1 - You won't get any work done anyway coz you'll be looking at Mumsnet!

Boot1 Fri 03-Oct-03 15:14:56

Yes, there is that I'll just have to wean myself off.

Thunderbird Tue 14-Oct-03 23:31:42

Universities could still be rich pickings! Academics/researchers often need help transcribing interviews and posting out quetsionnaires, i.e. envelope stuffing. Noticeboard in relevant depts if you can get to it. Local shop windows also might be worth a try?

bundle Tue 14-Oct-03 23:37:41

try tv companies, who need interviews transcribed as part of their editing process.

Boot1 Sun 19-Oct-03 10:01:28

KS thanks to your reply I now have an interview with Smith Bernal on Friday. A few tests to do first so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

ks Sun 19-Oct-03 11:25:32

Message withdrawn

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