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If you left a good job to have kids, what sort of salary "hit" did you take when you went back to work?

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rocksox Fri 27-May-11 16:11:12

Hi, a bit of background. Before having kids I was in a pretty good job, long hours, stressful, lots of travel etc. but well paid. Soon after going back to work post-kids I was made redundant which was all fine and dandy with a good severance package, no complaints.

So... now I am looking to apply for positions in a similar field but more local so without the commute and to fit in with childcare. I am wondering if others have been in a similar position and what sort of salary drop were you prepared to accept. Also, if there are any HR/recruitment professionals out there, what do you think of a job application where the applicant is clearly going for a much lower level position than they held previously? Do you jump at their experience or do you shy away on the assumption they won't hack it?

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