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Would you get outta bed for...

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Treadmillmom Fri 27-May-11 13:06:13

...£48.75 per week.
DH works and I'm on a temp contract Since February ends in October.
I work 3 days school hours and after childcare for the youngest I'm left with £48.75 per week.
My manager has allowed me to work evening durings the school holidays as childcare for 3 children is more than I earn.
I'm feeling a little bored, missing the youngest, missing my mates but I do love going out to work.
Is £48.75 per week worth the hassle?
DH definately doesn't think it is.

fgaaah Fri 27-May-11 13:40:14

Well it depends if you need it.

But you shouldn't look at the £48.75 in isolation. It's a very short sighted way of looking at it.

Additional factors:
- Commuting costs (have these been counted? What about in emergencies?)
- Work clothes (if these have been forgotten)
- The mental stimulation (you mentioned you enjoy going out to work)
- Getting NI paid for you
- Potential for pension contributions
- The biggest thing that you're forgetting: spreading the financial risk of the household through avoiding the labour specialisation of the 2 adults i.e. if your DH gets fired tomorrow you are in a much better position to ramp up your hours to allow breathing space. Or if his boss decides to start bullying him. Or he gets made redundant. Or if he wants to move employer/sector.

Actually I've just thought of another thing that's quite important: being a role model for your children. It’s good for them to see you can do the SAHM thing, or the part time thing, or potentially the fulltime thing… it shows them you have the flexibility to contribute to the household.

The ONLY reason I mention that last thing is because my parents had a very traditional setup (my mum gave up a semi-professional career because that’s “just what you do” when she got married in her 20s), looking back, it is with complete shame that I remember thinking about her with very little appreciation. My best friend’s mum in primary school was an estate agent – it seemed so glamorous compared to my mum, who was there every day to pick me up at the gate – totally underappreciated. When I became a SAHM for a fwe years, it finally dawned on me just what she'd given up!

Treadmillmom Fri 27-May-11 17:22:41

Thanks fgaaah, you really gave that some thought and other things for me to consider too.

cubscout Fri 27-May-11 18:06:06

God points made by fgaah. When I went back to work (2 full days) at first I earned nothing after nursery/commuting costs. I frequently wanted to give it all up.

However, a few years down the line, ds at school, growing up fast, I am glad I kept some semblance of career going.

LadyLapsang Sun 29-May-11 18:44:41

Yes, it's worth it. It won't be 48.75 for ever. Anyway tell DH he should be paying his share of the childcare & you'll be earning a lot more than 48.75!

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