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i want to talk about ironing please

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nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:27:33


i need to get going with this

how much would/do you pay for ironing (taken away and brought back to your house)

and i need a good name!

(yes i know i can search archives but its down at the moment)

ta v much

moondog Wed 26-Oct-05 10:31:29

I take my stuff to an independent dry cleaners.They charge £1 an item which I think is fantastic as I only want them to do my (king size) bedding and dh's shirts (when he's home.)

You're becoming quite the lady of leeeeezher aren't you??

littlerach Wed 26-Oct-05 10:35:05

A lady in our paper charges from 25p an item.

moondog Wed 26-Oct-05 10:35:58

Blimey,that's unreal liitlerach.How could she make any money???

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:42:41

tsk, a lady of leisure does nothing, i need a job and ive been thinking about doing this for ages and ages.

is £5 per basket too little, or is it better to charge per item? £1 per item sounds good

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:43:43

i dont know if anyone would pay £1 per item though, maybe 50p per item would be better

or different rates for different garments

moondog Wed 26-Oct-05 10:46:35

Oh sorry! I thought you were going to take your stuff,not be the ironing woman!!

How about .....

Smooth Operator????

Honestly though NP,as someone who has trained for years to do a skilled job,is this really going to satisfy you in the long term??

kid Wed 26-Oct-05 10:49:23

You need to think about how long it will take you to get through the ironing. I'd quite happily pay 50p per item to be ironed, I'd be sending all the things I hated ironing myself like Dh's shirts

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:51:26

you sound like my mother moondog

i hate hate hate nursing and it was making me miserable, i had a bad experience with that horrible childminder so i have to bring up dd's myself, and find some way to earn a few bob

when they are at school itll be a different matter, i could go back to nursing, might even go to college and change my nursing skills, ill wait and see when the time comes

littlerach Wed 26-Oct-05 10:51:47

I presume the 25p would be for tea towels and easy stuff, then goes up according to difficulty.

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:52:28

i do my aunts ironing - a basket takes me about 1hr 15 mins, and there is a mixture of things in it
she gives me a fiver, but i might charge other people more than taht

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 10:54:24

bit pissed off now MD

moondog Wed 26-Oct-05 10:58:07

Ahh I'm sorry np.
Hey,you know best and you're quite right.If you hate it,don't do it.
I don't really know how nursing works...couldn't your do shifts in an ursing home or are your renal unit skils not transferable.
The reason I never see my dh is that I encouraged him to leave a job that he hated and go and do someone that would consume him.

Listen,I dont work atm ,and spent years training so who am I to talk??

Sorry if I've offended.

scotlou Wed 26-Oct-05 10:58:32

Used to use a local ironing service - she charged £6 an hour - a black bin bag totally stuffed (and I mean stuffed!) was about 3 hours worth. She charged travel expenses on top. She provided wire hangers and brought most stuff back on hangers (wrapped in plastic)
She came once a fortnight and picked up Sunday and returned Tuesday.

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 11:00:43


you didnt offend MD, im just trying to do my best here, i want to have some money for myself without requiring childcare, when the girls are at school, as i said, itll be easier, but just now its not


Bozza Wed 26-Oct-05 11:01:57

Definitely think you should charge more than a fiver for 1.25 hours work!

moondog Wed 26-Oct-05 11:03:13

I know NP.
I have a great job lined up here in Turkey if I want it-lecturing in the English dept. and helping to train interpreters.Did this in Russia and loved it. They really want me to do it as there are no native English speakers there at all,but I am not happy about leaving the children,so I'm staying home too.

Dh can't understand it.

PS What do you think of my name for you??

KBear Wed 26-Oct-05 11:05:39

NP have you tried ringing one from your Thomson local or phonebook and asking what they charge (as a potential customer or course!).

3PRINCESSES Wed 26-Oct-05 11:06:36

Could you have different charges -ie. 50p per adult garment, 25p per child's garment, £1 for big things like duvet covers etc? Then, when you've got all the things folded up and ready to return count how many in each pile and invoice accordingly.

I totally symathise about wanting to find some way to be at home for the dds and still earn some money. It's taken me a long time and much soul searching to find a way of doing it, and I wish you luck, np.

teeavee Wed 26-Oct-05 11:06:53

there's one on anglesey called The Iron Lady ! you could steal that name!

littlerach Wed 26-Oct-05 11:08:16

Yes, I thnk you should have a scale of charges. Otherwise you may find a bag full of shirts which take you ages to iron.

BTW, I htink it is a great idea, I'm sure someone else on MN does this.

3PRINCESSES Wed 26-Oct-05 11:08:36

Smooth Operator is an inspired name. Was going to suggest The Iron Lady, but perhaps too many unpleasant fascist connotations....

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 11:09:50

i agree bozza. i am thinking of charging £5 per hour, but dont know if people would like to pay me per hour cos i do it in my own home, obviously they wouldnt know how long it took me.

per item seems best. by the basket could be difficult, some might pile the basket high as a mountain

MD, i could work a friday night in a nursing home or a bank shift in a hospital for say £60 a night, but i would be more than miserable, would have to sleep all day saturday and miss out on family life, be crabby with dh and the girls, so i just dont want to do it

its hard isnt it

nailpolish Wed 26-Oct-05 11:11:11

ther is a smooth operator in the next town

and a pressed for time in the town after that

what about

hot off the press

domestic bliss

creased lightening

teeavee Wed 26-Oct-05 11:11:18

lol at fascist ironong lady

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