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Gardening qualification to get started?

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Greecelover Sun 16-Jan-11 16:15:30

I'm looking for something that I will be able to fit around my two little ones and as I enjoy being outside in the garden and am unafraid of the hard work involved, I'm considering offering my services as a gardener in about a year's time when my youngest goes to playgroup. To start with this would simply be mowing lawns and keeping borders tidy and weed free, clearing leaves and basic pruning etc. I am considering doing some kind of horticulture qualification to add to my worth, such as an RHS certificate. This appeals as they offer distance learning - something I can do over the next few months before I would be in a position to start work. Has anyone else done anything like this or can anyone recommend any specific qualifications?

blowbroth Sun 16-Jan-11 19:29:40

Hi Greecelover. A few years ago I helped out a friend who had a bad back and was keen to keep her garden tidy. My dd was about 4 or 5. Anyway, one thing lead to another, word of mouth spread and I ended up working 4 days a week and turning people away as I had as much work as I wanted!
I didn't do any qualifictions as I was happy with the manual side of it all anyway.
It fitted in perfectly with my dd as my customers knew I didn't work in the holidays but they were happy with that.
Sorry I can't help with the qualifications side of things but there is loads of work out there!
Good luck.

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