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2 flexible applications in a year?

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emy72 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:25:23

I am about to go back to work after mat leave, and back in July they have accepted my request for 3 days a week.

Between then and now I have been trying to look for a role and everyone is out off by me being 3 days a week - so no luck yet!

The prospect of going back and twiddling my thumbs is not great....

so I was thinking, maybe if it carries on I could ask to work more hours (but not full time) to try and make myself for marketable?

Can I do that though, ie 2 flexi applications in a year?

annh Wed 12-Jan-11 20:31:08

I assume you are now going back after AML and therefore not to your original post which they have not held for you? How was your flexible application approved and by whom if they could not base their decision on whether your job (unknown) could lend itself to working flexibly?

emy72 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:38:00

Yes, actually my job disappeared altogether so everyone had to apply for new positions. My ex manager (she has now moved on) and HR approved my flexible application - apparently if I can't find myself a job within 3 months they can move me back full time. Bit stressful!

kittybuttoon Thu 13-Jan-11 16:01:07

Sounds like they are being reasonable in trying to fit you in where you can work the hours you need to.

You don't say what you do for a living, but my advice would be to study your company, identify what jobs you could do, and then persuade the relevant boss that (by making some minor adjustments to procedures, and by sheer hard work and dedication) you could easily fit them into a 3-day week - thereby saving him/her lots of lovely money.

You're going back anyway, so best for them and you for you to be in a job where you're making a real contribution.

Employers love people who are self-starters, have innovative ideas and can put them into practice with minimal supervision. Especially on the cheap. You sound like that sort of person to me! Now go and prove it to the company!

Use the old 'give me three months trial and I'll prove it to you' line - and mean it!

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