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Help with CV please

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Hai1988 Tue 11-Jan-11 14:09:14

Hiya I am currently looking for some part time work while my DS is at school and have done a CV but i dont no weather it is right or not.

Please have a look and tell me what you think smile

Name **************

email *****
phone numbers *** (Daytime)
******* (Evening)
********** (Mobile)

Address **********

I have been out of work for a while now, while raising my son.

Now my son has started school, I am eager to get back to work and learn new skills.

Work History:
Waitress/Kitchen assistant
The Sugar Loaf Cafe in Easton Square, Portland
June 2003 to June 2003
This was a work experience Job that i did while still at school.

My Duties were
Food prep
serving customers
Cleaning tables and the Cafe.

Caravan Cleaner
Haven, Sea view in Preston, Weymouth
July 2004 to September 2004.
This was a summer job in the summer after I finished school.

Duties were to:
Strip and make beds
Clean Bathrooms
Clean Kitchens
Empty bins
Tidy and clean living areas.

Behind the scenes
Sea life Centre in Weymouth
September 2004 to February 2005
This was work experience with college, I left this job to have my son.

My Duties were to:

Prep food for the animals
Clean out tanks and animal enclosures
Feed animals
Do checks of the park
also other general tasks that needed doing around the park

Education History:
GCSE Science - D
GCSE Design and Technology - D
GCSE History - E
GCSE French - E
GCSE Citizenship - E
GCSE English - E
GCSE Maths - E
GCSE Music - G

Catering / Hospitality
Kitchen Staff, Waiting/Bar Staff

Not alot on it I know but I pretty much left school and then became a SAHM for the last 5 years.

What should i add or take out and have i worded things right.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

SXMummy Tue 11-Jan-11 17:09:01

hey, the basics are good. This is a good place to start. Its mostly now polishing it I think. Here are a few suggestions. Mostly its about detail now, the basics are here.

1) Think about what role you want or industry and don't be shy to tailor this document to a specific advert. Answering an office or admin type role might want different skills to a bar/shop or whatever you are looking at. You can bring certain talents forwards for one role and others for another type. Your cv needs to clearly say why you make a good bar person if this is what you are aiming for (for example) as well as the basics of your contact details, qualifications, schools and any training you have done. Keep a basic template that you can amend if you want for each role. Save each updated one clearly so you can find it again easily.

2)You have said what you did for each role (eg kitchen staff). This is good and shows the tasks you did as part of the job but a little bare of detail. What skills did this job give you? Team work? Pulling together to get food organised/areas clean and organised? Time keeping? eg turning up, staying focused for long periods of time? Working under pressure (demands from boss, team, customers and handling them) Did you deal with difficult customers, members of the public or professional people? This fleshes out the information and will help your interviewer imagine you in their role better.

3) I like your opening lines about why you want to come back to work. You can say here also things you like doing eg I like working within a team or I enjoy multi tasking or meeting new people. Equally add in talents you think you have eg I am good at organisation or I am dependable, reliable and keen to learn. Or I am calm under pressure, or I can be trusted to be polite with difficult customers etc.

4) dont forget to spell check. Keep your information to 1 A4 page (both sides is fine but two pages is too much). Keep it clear with a plain typeface and well spaced out.

5) many agencies on their websites show hints and tips for cv's check those out too.

6) keep it simple, don't add lots to fill up paper. Thats not the point. Just add a few pieces to explain what you learnt from a role, what you enjoyed doing or are good at doing.

Good luck!! Love to know how it goes for you. Have fingers crossed for you. Hope this helps a little at least....

Hai1988 Tue 11-Jan-11 17:25:36

thanks this helps allot

IAmRubyLennox Tue 11-Jan-11 18:47:25

try to include something about what being a SAHM has taught you.

For example:

'From 2005 to the present day I have been at home with my children. This has taught me to be self-motivated and resilient. I have learned to organise my own time and take responsibility for the welfare of other people'

Or whatever you think you've gained from the experience that could be useful in the workplace.

Good luck.

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