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MBA - anyone done one?

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emma123456 Sun 09-Jan-11 10:11:19

Was made redundant in November, looking at moving overseas with Dh's job to a place where it would be very difficult for me to work. Thinking maybe of studying for an MBA to keep me busy rather than let my mind rot for the next 2/3 years. I'd probably do it over 3 years via distance learning

Anyone done one, how hard was it, what sort of time commitment would be required, any advice on which one? Have employers shown any interest in the qualification? Im a Chartered Accountant anyway, would it help my CV?

Many thanks

herhonesty Sun 09-Jan-11 18:48:00

i dont think it makes a massive difference to your cv unless you go to one of the top business schools. I did mine distant learning and its very tough to motivate yourself (and possibly more so if you are not int he work discipline iykwim? . but it can be done and is deeply interesting, if you are CA you'll probably have covered a lot of the financial stuff (hurray) but the management accountant and fianancial strategy stuff might bring a new angle to your accountant qualification.

gingerwench Sun 09-Jan-11 20:46:52

Yes I did one. Paid for by my company. Distance Learning at an organisation that was highly rated at the time but possibly less so now.

I did it to compensate from not having a business/finance undergrad degree (working in finance) so wanted to demonstrate I could still understand and apply concepts. It was tough, since the course demanded that I apply the learning to assignments based on issues in my organisation, and whilst I received financial support not one of my managers showed any real interest in what I was doing.

I do love learning and that kept me motivated. It didn't directly kick-start my career i.e. I didn't get suddenly promoted, but it increased my confidence and hence my performance. Nowadays it does make my CV stand out a little more from my competition and I am pleased I invested the time in study before I had a family.

Mine took an average of 10 hrs a week.
I didn't find it intellectually hard until my dissertation when I was actually coming up with some original stuff and reviewing masses of existing literature. Actually the more intellectually challenging, the bigger the buzz I got. What was hard though was keeping going when my full-time job was going full pelt and I was trying to maintain a long-distance relationship at the same time.

Have you considered a CIMA at all? Depending on your field this could be another option for you? Certainly if you have time on your hands and want to keep your brain active I would recommend it. Whereabouts in the world will you be moving too? some business schools have international campuses/groups so that would be a way to make sure the distance learning wasn't too isolated.

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