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How long do you have to go back to work for to qualify for maternity leave / pay again?

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Corblimy Sat 08-Jan-11 23:04:59

I've just returned to work after maternity leave and am thinking about a second child....does anyone know how long you usually have to go back to work for usually to qualify for maternity entitlements again?

PrincessScrumpy Sun 09-Jan-11 00:10:45

If it's basic maternity pay (the minimum a company can give you) it's straight away. If you get perks it may be longer, but you'd have to check with HR. If you get pregnant straight away you'd still have 7 or 8 months at work so I would have thought that would be long enough.

Corblimy Sun 09-Jan-11 14:43:43

Thanks Princess Scrumpy,....want to check with HR but need to be discreet.....

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