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How do I train as a beauty therapist?

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runtus Sat 08-Jan-11 19:04:26

Thinkingof retraining as beauty therapist so i can work from home once my youngest goes to school but having hunted online I still have no clear idea of what I need to do!!

There appear to be a wealth of courses and diploma's i could take but I can't work out what I actually NEED to be able to practise.

I know I could either study at a local college and either do an evening course or go fulltime and gain anything from a level 1 - 3 certificate but as I say - which would I need, want be best off with!!

Alternatively I could use a private school to gain qualifications (which would appear to be more flexible on the time and length of course)but again - what do I need to attain and is this as good a qualification??

Anyone with knowledge please help!!

mommmmyof2 Sun 09-Jan-11 10:32:26

Well I trained and got my NVQ level 2, that covers me to do things such as waxing, pedicures, manicures, tinting, facials, and make up. I did do it for a while just making a bit of money from friends and family.

My sister has the same qualification and she rents a room and she has a holistic therapy certificate, but obviously working for yourself you need to insure yourself.

I went to a college first to do it and I was there for about 6 months on a B tech, it was horrible too much science involved!

But the one I did after on a night course was alot better, I could have gone back and done the next level but I had just had dd so never did.

But as long as you have a qualification your set, took me a year to get.

Good luck

runtus Sun 09-Jan-11 18:30:27

Thanks for getting back to me. Can I ask, I know there are various levels of I need the level 2 or would level 1 do? Sorry if being really dim but have no idea at this stage!

Think I would like to get the level 2 and then specialise in a range of treatments to allow me to attract a certain market. I live in an area surrounded by quite afluent villages so think I could do well specialising in a high end line of products and treatments. Thinking I would do a training course at a private school for that part of training.......

Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

mommmmyof2 Sun 09-Jan-11 20:14:50

Yeah there are all sorts of levels and places to study, but I guess the higher the nvq the more areas of work you are covered in.I mean I am covered in quite alot and most the people I knew only ever wanted waxing done.

It don't hurt to get as many certificates as you can then you give yourself more options.But as I said before the b tech was more study than practical work which did take longer to get as well.

Not sure how much things have changed as I got my qualification 6 years ago now.

But my sister does really well off it,but it is a type of business that has quiet months too.She did her holistic therapy too so that may be something for you too look into as that is different, indian head massage and more in depth massaging.

runtus Sun 09-Jan-11 20:54:20

There is an open evening at the local college coming up so will pop down there and go through the options with them. I know they do a night course so maybe that is the route for me too.......

Thanks for your advice x

mommmmyof2 Sun 09-Jan-11 22:02:42

No problem, good luck x

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