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Anyone in Science and Technology going back to work?

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AnnieLobeseder Fri 07-Jan-11 12:24:38

I've just found out about a wonderful foundation called the Daphne Jackson Trust which is aimed at getting science, engineering and technology professionals back to work after a career break.

This is the blurb from their web page.
The Daphne Jackson Trust runs a returners scheme to help scientists, engineers and technologists who have been disadvantaged by having a career break.

These people have had a huge amount of investment spent in their education and training as SET professionals. Work life balance is a key issue in our society and many more people are taking career breaks than previously, for reasons of family and bringing up children, relocating with a partner, illness, looking after elderly relatives, disabled family members, etc. The problem for highly qualified SET professionals is that their field has rapidly moved on and they need to update skills or retrain to return at the appropriate level. Thus, without our help, their talents, plus the money, time and effort spent in their training is completely wasted.
If we keep losing SET professionals there will be huge gaps in the skills base and UK industry will not be competitive with the rest of the world. The Daphne Jackson Trust is continually working to address the problem and make everyone aware of the importance of returning SET professionals to their full potential in research careers.

What a wonderful resource for SET women returning to work!

I hope this might be of some help to someone here.....

GrimmaTheNome Sat 08-Jan-11 00:05:28

Deserves a bump - a bit late tonight for many to see it

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