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veget8ed Tue 04-Jan-11 21:45:55

I am a full time nurse and have returned to work today following 7 months of maternity leave. I have found out that I have to be on call again from the last week in January, problem is, that this will involve going in to work usually through the night after having worked in the day as well. I am still breastfeeding and my DD won't sleep through the night and gets me up at least twice for feeds, on top of this will be work related phone calls in the night. Do I have any right to be excused from doing on call, or do I have to go along with it?

flowery Wed 05-Jan-11 09:41:22

You can put in a flexible working request to have fixed hours only with no on calls.

What is the reason you want to not do on calls, is it because of the breastfeeding? Your employer is obliged to support breastfeeding mothers so you could ask on that basis. Will DD not take a bottle?

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