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Primary Teacher in need of help!!

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adcd Thu 30-Dec-10 09:20:16

I'm a primary teacher (5 years qualified) and have been at my current school for 2 years full time. I want to go back to the same school part time (2/3days per week) after Maternity leave.

However, i'm not sure how to approach this with my school because
a) not sure what i'm entitled to in terms of going part time (some people say i can only ask, others say i've definitely got a right to work part time, as i've got a DC under 16...)

b) my Headteacher has just retired. The deputy head is acting head until Easter, then a new Head is coming in - who obviously doesn't know me and would have no reason to do me a favour in letting me go part-time.

My union have been pants in helping me! Even though i don't plan to go back until Summer/Autumn 2011, i need to find out soon whether i can return to my school so i can look for another job if they won't let me go part time! Please help!

hairyfairylights Thu 30-Dec-10 17:09:14

Hi, acdc

You have the right to request flexible working as you have a child under 16. Those who are telling you that you have the right to part time working are wrong.

Look on the Directgov site, it's very helpful.

It's not a 'favour'! Please don't think of it as that - you will make a better case for yourself if you see it as a business issue. If you take the attitude that it's a 'favour' or a 'right' you won't help yourself!

It's about what works for the employer, as well as what works for the employee. So you need a well thought out request, with suggestions as to how the effect on your employer can be minimised/managed.

Caz10 Thu 30-Dec-10 17:19:43

Am a teacher too, went back ft after dd1 then cut down to 4 days. You only have the right to request, but you can appeal if they refuse. I've never known anyone to be refused but that is purely annecdotal. Are there job shares in your school already? Some hts arekeen on them (not mine sadly). Another thing to consider is how flexible you can be- do you want to stay class committed? At 2 days especially some hts jst use u for ppa time etc, would ube ok with that?
Apologies for typos doing this on phone!

cat64 Thu 30-Dec-10 17:20:50

Message withdrawn

hairyfairylights Thu 30-Dec-10 17:27:46

They have to justify their reason not to approve a flexible working request.. Usually if it is refused, there is a good business reason.

But that's not to say they will refuse it, especially if you have helped them (in your request) to deal with the implications.

missmapp Thu 30-Dec-10 17:33:03

Are you on maternity leave now? If so you can use some of your 'keep in touch days' to get to know the new head and talk through your ideas. I am a teacher who went back part time and , normally , there isnt a problem, but you may not have class responsibility, you may be asked to cover ppa or something. Go in strong, as said before, you are not asking them for a favour, your are a good teacher who the school doesnt want to lose

Caz10 Thu 30-Dec-10 19:23:22

The other thing to bear in mind is that as a pt teacher u don't necessarily work days - 2 days would mean you are 0.4- school has the right to bring you in 4 1/2 days on a 0.4 contract rather than 2 full ones. So stand your ground if that wouldn't suit!

hairyfairylights Thu 30-Dec-10 23:14:52

Yes, as caz says, be specific about the working pattern you are requesting. Don't leave it as vague as x days per week or y hours per week. And if possible, be flexible about the days you want (eg say two full days per week - a Monday and a Tuesday)

adcd Fri 31-Dec-10 09:19:24

Thanks all for your help - nice to get a clearer picture of what to do! I think i'm going to head into school early in the New Year to discuss my return - the Directgov site says they can take 14 weeks to decide!

I am in the process of switching to the NUT so hopefully they can help me out too. Thanks again, i feel less alone with this now!

Caz10 Fri 31-Dec-10 17:55:05

Good luck!

I found it to be a bit of give and take, e.g. I really wanted my 4 days to be 4 full days, so in order to have a bit more "bargaining power" I said I was flexible re what day I was off (although in the end I did get my preference, but that was because it suited them too!)

missmapp Sun 02-Jan-11 17:52:17

Agree with being strong about days. I said the nursery i had booked could only do ertain days( not strictly true, but those were the days I wanted to work)
Good luck

hairyfairylights Sun 02-Jan-11 19:02:44

I don't advise lying, believe me it is only going to harm your case if you do. And I do advise being flexible about days!! What I meant was be soecific rather than vague about what you'd like but have some flexibility about what you agree to.

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