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Christmas bonus for a nanny

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chisigirl Thu 28-Aug-03 11:40:07

Hi. This is realllly early but I am such a disorganised person and I know if I don't get this sorted pretty soon, Christmas will be here and I won't have figured it out.
I employ a nanny for my DS on a part-time basis (2 days a week). Is there a standard bonus I should expect to pay her at Christmas? Is it a fixed percentage of her salary?
many thanks!!

SamboM Thu 28-Aug-03 11:41:51

I am going to give my nanny a week's salary. That's what DH and I both get. I'm going to give it to her a couple of weeks before as I know she'll need it then for xmas pressies.

princesspeahead Thu 28-Aug-03 11:44:29

agree - about a week's salary is standard. well, generous, actually. I also get the children to make her something and get her a token present as well (stuff from Lush or something) so we aren't just handing over an envelope...

Blu Thu 28-Aug-03 14:39:11

SamboM and Princesspeahead, is that in addition to paid holiday? Eeeek I feel really mean as we didn't give our 3 day a week nanny a bonus last Xmas....We gave her a pressie, and we did take a long break but paid her throughout it, so she got holiday above the contract...better start saving up!

princesspeahead Thu 28-Aug-03 14:44:06

her christmas holidays come out of her standard 4 weeks +bank holidays allowance. If you give her extra paid holiday then that has a financial value of course, assuming she would rather have the time off than the cash...
I think mine would rather have the cash. Especially as she comes on holidays with us as well, so generally gets 2 or 3 weeks a year in some super-glam hotel or villa somewhere hot and beachy on top of her own holidays!

aloha Thu 28-Aug-03 17:30:12

Can I ask, do you ask your nanny to take her holidays at the same time as you? I don't but the other half of our (soon to be defunct) nannyshare do. I don't know what's standard. The nanny only works three days so her entitlement is only 12 days but of course she only needs six of them to make a fortnight away. She takes a week at Christmas.
Anyway, ds will be going to nursery from the end of Sept and I'm terrified.
BTW I gave her £50 and some lovely aromatherapy stuff which she is into. I think you lot are very generous and I now feel very mean.

aloha Thu 28-Aug-03 17:35:33

I mean, eight of them to make a fortnight. Which leaves only four, which is really the Christmas week. doesn't seem excessive to me.

princesspeahead Thu 28-Aug-03 17:39:03

sort of do half and half - she generally has between christmas and new year off which suits me anyway. If we go away for a week or so and don't bring her with us we generally ask her to take that off as holiday. her two week summer holiday she generally organises whenever she wants in july or august. so it is probably a week we ask her to take, christmas which is mutually agreed and the rest she sorts out and tells us in advance...

chisigirl Fri 29-Aug-03 08:08:54

Thanks everyone! I will give her a week's pay and a little pressie.
BTW, our nanny gets 4 weeks holiday (pro rata as she works for us part-time). 2 weeks she chose herself and 2 weeks we both agreed on (Christmas) so it has worked out very well so far.

Blu Fri 29-Aug-03 12:09:00

Aloha: The agreement with our nanny is that two of her weeks are of her choosing, and two of ours. And don't worry, I'm still tops in the meanness stakes, and mortified!

Crunchie Fri 29-Aug-03 13:29:15

Chisigirl I think a weeks salary is over the top as a bonus. I gave my nanny £100, and I think she thought that was amazing. She is full time by the way. A part-time nanny I would suggest £50, as I assume she also works part-time for someone else, perhaps ask them too, then you can be consistant.

Crunchie Fri 29-Aug-03 13:35:24

Melly are you there??

I just wanted to say thank you very much I went to Carlyon Bay and we had a wonderful time. Great campsite, lovely people etc. Thanks a million

princesspeahead Fri 29-Aug-03 14:48:59

I give all employees a weeks salary at christmas. I get the same from my company so I think it is fair. And it is only once a year!

Crunchie Fri 29-Aug-03 17:24:13

Oh balls, I meant to put my last message down on the cornwall thread, what a dimwit!!

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