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meeting about going back to work next week

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Morph2 Fri 26-Nov-10 23:15:16

I'm currently on maternity leave and have arranged a meeting next week discussing my return to work etc. I've arranged the meeting, the letter i got when i started ML said to contact them mid Dec but from my point to view I now know what i would like to do so would like to get it sorted ASAP and i also think its fairer to my employers so they have more notice for planning purposes.

I was previously full time and would like to do 3 days a week. I've informally discussed this with my boss and he seemed to think this could work but i told him not to mention to HR yet as they can get the arse if you go behind their back as you are supposed to see them first. The person covering my work is not doing a great job so i think boss will just be glad if i return in any capacity. Would be so much easier if we could just sort it out amongst ourselves without HR getting involved, they can be so formal and legal.

Anyway full time just wouldn't be practical for me as i travel so if i'm not allowed part time i will have to look for another job. If this is the case then i may extend my ML to the full year and start looking for new job now and hopefully pick something up before i have to do without cash for 3 months.

Not advice i'm asking as such just more a vent of my feelings, ohhhhhhhh i hope it just works out ok, i just love an easy life and it could be so easy if it was just up to me and the boss without others having to stick their oars in

hairytriangle Sat 27-Nov-10 18:21:41

Well, good luck. Remember that you only have the right to request different hours etc, and they have the right to refuse - but they must give a valid reason. So whatever you do, don't go in there all guns blazing.

H people are there to protect the company from taking illegal action, and to make sure that things are done above board and legally - so it works to your benefit too!

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