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Calling ex-investment bank mums

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Frannie1 Thu 25-Nov-10 17:58:20

So I found that all the freelance/ work from home jobs available to me have been pretty rubbish and badly paid so I just wanted to share this with anyone who was in investment banking/M&A/Corporate Finance.

Basically, I'm working flexible hours from home for really good finance boutique for what is pretty decent paid. Oh and they mentioned they're looking for a few extra people

So if any of you out there are still keen to do some Info memo drafting/ Financial modelling/Valuation analysis and make a bit of extra money whilst looking after the little one(s) i'd be happy to put you in touch.

fairyteapot Sat 27-Nov-10 20:50:13


are they interested in compliance/legal/ops people? I've just started at a big IB (VP) and its not going to work. They said they'd be flexible etc but the job itself doesn't lend itself to that.

fairyteapot Sat 27-Nov-10 20:51:52

by the way - why did you leave? As I said I've only just started after 5 yrs working part time/freelance, and I'm the only person who leaves at 5 and as far as I can see the only woman with 3 small kids. I think I've been naive in thinking it would work.

mickb Tue 30-Nov-10 15:56:58

Frannie1 - yes I'd be interested- how do I get in touch/find out more?

beachyhead Tue 30-Nov-10 21:50:06

Hi, I am interested. I was in the City for about 20 years and left 2 years ago to move closer to my dad on the South Coast. Could you message me. Thanks

Fiddledee Wed 01-Dec-10 16:31:11

I'd be interested too. How can I get in touch?

Frannie1 Sat 04-Dec-10 11:09:26

Hi all, ive mailed you all the details.


Yummymummy777 Sun 05-Dec-10 21:39:44

Hi Frannie,

I am a chartered Accountant and worked in corporate finance. I like the do some financial Moddelling work so pleasde send me the details as well. Thanks

TerrysNo2 Mon 06-Dec-10 16:37:33

Have PM-ed you, please reply!! smile

TerrysNo2 Fri 10-Dec-10 19:43:33

Bumping as I didn't hear anything. Frannie are you out there?? smile

Frannie1 Sat 11-Dec-10 17:17:18

Sent you details. Thanks

tonga Mon 24-Jan-11 18:41:58

Hi Frannie1 - I'd be interested too. I work for a bank in the City (client side) at the moment but they won't let me go part time when I go back after my mat leave (March)... Please send me the details if I'm not too late.

Frannie1 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:32:57

PM'ed you

Cazza72 Thu 27-Jan-11 13:04:45

Hi Frannie
I'd be interested too! Have been in the City for 20 years too - just back to work in Bond Sales after 2 years at home with kids, but it is hard leaving them full time - much harder than I imagined!

TheWaterHorse Thu 27-Jan-11 13:44:00

Hi Frannie, please could you also send me the details?


ppp Fri 28-Jan-11 14:02:19

Hi Frannie, just in the process of trying to find job again after 5 years out with children. Worked in Front Office Capital Markets for 10 years, so would definitely be interested in hearing some more - if still relevant ?


Frannie1 Tue 01-Feb-11 12:02:27

Sent you both a message.



Frannie1 Tue 19-Jul-11 15:10:36

Thanks all for getting in touch.

smilesandsun Wed 20-Jul-11 08:57:36

Hi Frannia,

I know this is a very old post but thought I'd reply anyway as I am interested in returning to work. I was an ED with a major bank and have mostly client side trading / compliance / portfolio construction experience. I would really like to get back into finance if I can find the right role.

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