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Any IT project management part-timers out there?

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TriMum2003 Wed 17-Nov-10 15:04:44

I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave (due to huge restructuring in tiny company) and took a self imposed 12 month maternity leave.

I am ready to start looking but only want part time - or even full time remote working. The problem is that in my job search, I cannot find anything.

I am looking at IT contracting and would interview for full time and try to negotiate down to 4 days if they offered me the job.

But as I have hired contractors in the past, we needed someone for a specific project and part-time was never an option.

Does anyone know if PT PM jobs even exist? Should I look for permanent roles rather than contract? I love working in IT so perhaps there are other IT jobs I could do PT?

slug Wed 17-Nov-10 15:11:12

This sort of thing?

slug Wed 17-Nov-10 15:14:16

not necessarily IT

agency specifically for part-time post maternity leave women

morleylass Wed 17-Nov-10 17:47:37

I work in an IT role as a developer/analyst and work part time. I was recently project lead for my team on a project and I've got to be honest I think I found it harder than a full timer would because things would move on whilst I was out of the office and I wouldn't be there to be involved. I therefore think that although not impossible PM isn't necessarily the ideal role for PT - having said that my boss has been an IT PM 4 days a week.
I think it would be easier to get a role full time and then negotiate PT after you have proved yourself.
My normal role however works well for PT because all work gets put on the project plan and then I get allocated work and if it is estimated for 3 days of effort then for me it would take from Monday - Friday rather than Monday to Wednesday because I work shorter days.
My job wasn't advertised as part time, I just approached the recruiting manager before application and asked if they would consider a part timer which they did, so that may be worth a try.
Good luck!

rookiemater Wed 17-Nov-10 19:35:54

Hi I do part time project work, but not IT.

Until recently I was PM lead but due to how stressful I found it ongoing and wanting to reduce my hours further I decided to reduce to an analyst role. This works brilliantly part time because I'm not getting pulled into meetings or trying to react to things that I have happened on my non working day because I am allocated work which I execute rather than trying to make all the decisions. Can you tell I love my job now grin?

I think it's very difficult to do a PM role part time, but agree with morleylass, much easier to negotiate once you are in the door.

nulgirl Wed 17-Nov-10 19:45:17

I have always worked as a contractor and before having kids I was an IT PM. When I started looking again I found it impossible to find something. The guy who I worked for in the past had no work and there are no part time vacancies. I think the only real chance of finding pt work is with a previous employer who knows your value and is willing to accept the fact that you are not there ft. What I did was take a longer term view and see it as an opportunity to take a Project Management Office role in a different industry

nulgirl Wed 17-Nov-10 19:50:07

Sorry having probs with typing on iPhone

I started off working ft but after a couple of months I was allowed to drop to 4 days. It has worked brilliantly as I am getting really good experience with a view to moving up the ladder and hopefully getting a pm role. Have made lots of new contacts who will see what I can do whilst working pt. The drawbacks are that it is less money than I am used to and it is not as interesting as pm work. However the massive advantage is being able to leave my work at the day with no worries or stuff to take home.

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