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careers in finance/book keeping

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verybusyspider Wed 10-Nov-10 11:36:46

does anyone work in this sector? I've recently become self employed (as a sole trader) and work part time for a large company and would lik eto do some basic book keeping training - which I figure could only help with our family finances overall! I've had a quick google for courses and am becoming quite interested in the idea of getting more skilled - I figure if I could afford to would it make sense to do a level 1 course rather than an introduction just in case I wanted to pursue if as a career in the future....
The problem is I have no idea how feasible it is - how do you get into accountancy? how do I find out about the day to day stuff and culture and if its something I would like to do??
Any advice greatly received!

Talkinpeace Wed 10-Nov-10 21:47:28

look my name up on ebay
have a look at my me page
there are links on there about recognised accounting qualifications
and unless the page makes sense/interest to you you may need to think again

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