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MummaSquared Sat 30-Oct-10 15:20:10

Hi All,

I have been invited for interview for a part time SBM post. The selection process includes a series of practical tasks and a formal interview. Can anyone give me some advice on what to expect?

Also, if any current SBMs have any advice on the role it would be good to hear from you. I've been a SAHM for the past 2 years and am really excited to hav an interview, but am also very nervous.

Many thanks.

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saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 30-Oct-10 15:32:22

Is it in a secondary or primary school? Does the invole involve just finance or other school office roles; pupil data management that sort of thing?

You might find looking at the [[ fmsis] website helpful from a finance POV. All schools should be working within this framework.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 30-Oct-10 15:33:12


MummaSquared Sat 30-Oct-10 15:39:26

It's for a primary school and will also include management of the admin staff/data manager and caretaking staff.

Thanks for the link - I have printed off some information from there and will look into it further.

I'm thinking that the practical tasks may involve looking financial data and preparing a report?

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saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 30-Oct-10 15:46:08

Yes - I would expect a budget related task. Are you also expected to bring in funds from other sources, grants etc. Might be worth thinking sbout if you are faced with a task which predicts a deficit. Also have a look at the Ofsted report - are there any areas earmarking for improvement? Does the budget planning address these areas?

Good luck BTW smile

MummaSquared Sat 30-Oct-10 16:01:46

Ah yes, have just looked at the job description again and it states investigating and maintaining information on possible funding opportunities as an outcome, so thank you for that pointer.

The school was only recently formed as a primary following the closure of an infants and junior school so there are no Ofsted reports on the website. I'm, therefore, guessing that the main focus of the job at first will be to align policies and processes.

Thanks for your help. I feel a little calmer now that I think I am on the right track with my research.

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Looby4 Sat 30-Oct-10 16:48:27

Look at the NCSL website under the SBM arena forum
Think about:
new models of schooling e.g. academies, federations, clusters
Extended Schools
School workforce issues
Use of ICT in schools
Facilities Management
Child Protection/ Confidentiality
Managing and leading a team.
Customer relations e.g. handling debt management etc.
Project Management

Job Interview is likely to have an in-tray task punctuated by.... a scenario of kids coming into the office with a problem..... staff sickness absence .... urgent call for the headteacher, but headteacher is not there necesitating a decision from you or at least you have to do something.... urgent request from Chair of Governing Body, and a Child Protection issue.

Practical tasks include letter writing, counting money - I was given a TESCO bag full of coppers, cash and cheques and asked to add it up, and put into Excel... Aaagh - and I got it wrong, but got the job!

I have a great document someone gave me with questions and answers and scenarios for an SBM interview. You're welcome to CAT me for it.

Good luck - I had 9 years as a SAHM before I became an SBM, and it's a great and varied role.

Looby4 Sat 30-Oct-10 16:49:08

Oh and ask for the School Improvement or School Development Plan so you can see where they're heading before Interview.

MummaSquared Sat 30-Oct-10 17:12:44

Thanks Looby. I have sent you a CAT.

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Godsgift Tue 05-Mar-13 12:30:05

Hello Looby4

You said that you have a great document someone gave me with questions and answers and scenarios for an SBM interview.

Please can i have a copy?

How do I CAT you for it?

AnnieB2 Wed 02-Oct-13 17:27:12

I understand that this thread is now quite old but I too have been shortlisted for assessment and interview for the role of a School Business Manager in a primary school. Any advice welcomed.

Intelblonde87 Mon 03-Nov-14 19:04:07

Me too! Please can I have a copy if the document! I'm so nervous!


Richana2014 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:32:03

I would like to have it too if you don't mind. Working for a school is so different to the private sector!

Yaney Mon 08-Dec-14 17:02:04

Could anyone let me have the Q&A document for SBM interview

TracyW1 Fri 20-Mar-15 12:20:28


Got an interview for SBM position. As anyone any suggestions what questions I maybe asked? Also got unseen task.

jak000 Thu 26-Mar-15 14:25:31

would love to see document also ... any chance?

mccormack1 Sat 28-Mar-15 15:16:22

Hi I have an interview for a SBM and have been told I will have to perform 3 tasks: intray exercise involving prioritising, a finance task and letter writing. Would really appreciate any tips or information, returning to work after 15 years so really feel out of the loop, especially as I hear experienced bursars are being interviewed also. Thanks

Judep1 Tue 26-May-15 22:02:01

I have been short listed for school business manager post please can anyone give me any idea on tasks that I will be asked to complete prior to interview and type of questions. This role is new to the primary school. I would be grateful for any help. Many thanks

Kath2016 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:16:21

Hello, im applying for a school officer manager job shortly and any questions/scenarios would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if the thread is still active.

Jwild Wed 03-Feb-16 22:40:36

Hello , got my 1st interview in 17yrs 😁 For a SBM post in a local primary school . Any help ?s n answer doc suggested earlier by lobby4 would be really useful - not sure thread still open ??
Any hints & tips would be really helpful 👍

AA1983 Fri 05-May-17 13:37:16


I have a School Business Manager interview in a few days time and wondered if you still had the task list you mentioned in this message?

Its a 45 minute desk based task. Any idea what it might be?

I am a bit nervous - going back to work after a break.

Help is much appreciated xx

boggedoff Fri 09-Jun-17 22:56:54

AA how was the interview what was the task ? If you don't mind me asking

AA1983 Sat 10-Jun-17 08:10:30

Hey boggedoff,

It was a 45 minute task where they gave you a scenario of how and what the school was doing things at the moment.i.e paper communication, no financial system, responsibilities.

You then had to write a business plan saying which changes you would implement In the first 3 months of you starting the job.

Interview was specifically about the role.had to talk through the business plan you had just written and then questions around the role and what your thoughts were. no general questions like what's your strengths and weaknesses etc.

Just so you know they ask for references before they decide who to give the job to.

Good luck. Hope it goes well xx

boggedoff Mon 12-Jun-17 07:44:55

Thank you AA that sounds interesting! bizarre how they ask for references first, could be awkward.

Did you get the job?

AA1983 Mon 12-Jun-17 16:15:15


No I didn't end up getting the job even though from the way the interview went I was pretty certain I would. Apparently it was a really difficult decision and it came down to references (Which yes luckily I wasn't in employment at the time so wasn't a problem for me but I can see how it would be very awkward for someone in employment) the other candidate had school experience which I didn't.

All for the best though as I landed myself another job on the day I got declined for that one.

Let us know how you got on at yours.. this thread seems to be useful to someone at least a few times a year xx

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